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Army Scrambling To Get Back Soldiers Kicked Out Over Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

via Good Morning America
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The Army is considering reinstating soldiers who were discharged due to rejecting the COVID vaccine mandate.

A letter from the Army suggests that there is new guidance to correct the records of those who were removed, allowing them to return.

This decision comes after the Army quietly rescinded the vaccine mandate, halted further discharges, and sought to remove punitive actions from soldiers’ records.

The move is seen as a response to the Army’s recruiting challenges and the impact of the vaccine mandate on soldiers.

Brad Miller opened his letter saying, “Many have seen this letter. I just got mine. When I resigned from the Army, it was clear DoD was breaking the law (and senior leaders were likely engaged in treason).”

“DoD can’t fix itself. It’s run by officers whose loyalty is in question, and they’re in turned [sic] led by Cabinet & Administration level officials whose loyalty is assuredly un-American, he continued.

Retired Army Maj. Chase Spears connected a dip in recruitment to the slew of controversaries that have plagued the U.S. military in recent years.

“One might be curious why the Army is doing an about face on this now, given that its top official clearly has a different perspective from the policy change she’s authorizing, suggested the retired officer.

“Last month the Army missed its fiscal year 2022 recruiting goals by 10,000, the third consecutive year to have a significant shortfall. In fiscal year 2021, the Army missed its recruiting goal by 25 percent, even after lowering its initial goal for the year and reducing enlistment standards,” revealed Spears.

Predicting that, “If this trend holds, the force will have no choice but to cut units, and the heavy load already borne by those currently serving will increase accordingly.”

“As top military officials continue to deny the impact of dragging the Army into progressive social policy advocacy, reality remains unmoved,” emphasized Spears.

Spears rails against decisions made by Major General Sims to reserve entire bases for vaccinated people and restrcit unvaccinated soldiers and visitors to hotels.

“Major General Sims’s performance, however, was rewarded,” charged Spears.

“He has since been promoted to lieutenant general and is currently the Director of Operations for the Joint Staff,” wrote the retired Major.

“Would he treat an unvaccinated officer who re-enters the Army with respect in the days to come, or would such a uniformed citizen still be worthy of segregation?” asked Spears.

He called on senior Army officials to apologize for the conduct.

“Though this policy reversal is a step toward sanity, it is far from enough. As I have said before, senior Army officials should apologize for their Covid-related misconduct,” demanded Spears.

“Beyond that, they owe a deep reservoir of amends to subordinates whose trust was so casually broken,” wrote Spears.

Adding, “We must never allow totalitarians to persecute their fellow citizens in our nation’s military ever again. A force that can so easily lose sight of its purpose is one that is rightly viewed through a skeptic’s lens.”

The letter has sparked discussions about compensating soldiers who were affected by the mandate and calls for senior Army officials to apologize for their conduct.

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