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Democrat Rashida Tlaib Gets Canceled After Calling For Genocide Of Israel

via Forbes Breaking News
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Arizona State University canceled an event featuring Rep. Rashida Tlaib after her support for the elimination of Israel.

Lawmakers criticized Tlaib’s views as extremist and antisemitic, leading to the cancellation of the event.

Tlaib was recently censured by the U.S. House of Representatives for promoting false narratives and calling for the destruction of Israel, with 22 Democrats joining 212 Republicans in voting for the censure.

“The State of Arizona is a safe place for Jews, both on and off campus, and the antisemitic rants regurgitated by SJP and others are not representative of Arizona values,” wrote the lawmakers.

“Students supporting Israel have been verbally and physically assaulted on campus in recent days, requiring police escort during SJP rallies,” they added.

They accused Tlaib of repeatedly making anti-Semitic remarks and criticized her “support [for] the destruction of the state of Israel.”

“She has a history of espousing such a view both before and following the deadly October 7 terrorist attacks against Israel that were perpetrated by the pro-Palestinian Hamas terrorist organization,” accused the lawmakers of Tlaib.

“We believe that such extremist, antisemitic views should be condemned, and they are not welcome in the state of Arizona,” insisted the group.

“We ask that Arizonans say a prayer for Abigail Edan and her family,” wrote the AZ legislators.

“Abigail is a three-year-old girl with ties to Arizona and was taken hostage by Hamas terrorists in Gaza after they murdered her parents. Rather than honor Congresswoman Tlaib for a speaking engagement, SJP should be calling for Abigail’s immediate safe release in time for her fourth birthday next week,” demanded the statement.

The resolution to censure Tlaib listed many grievances against the progressive Democrat.

The resolution claimed that Tlaib “defended the brutal rapes, murders, be-headings, and kidnapping—including of Americans—by Hamas as justified ‘resistance’ to the ‘apartheid state,’”

Also, that Tlaib, “knowingly spread the false narrative that Israel intentionally bombed the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital on October 17 after United States intelligence, Israeli intelligence, and President Biden assessed with high confidence that Israel did not cause the explosion.”

The resolution also repeated the claim that the phrase “From the river to the sea” is a call for the extermination of Jewish people and not a call for a free Palestine.

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