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Overwhelming Influx of Illegals Get Bad News From Democrats

NBC News
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Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson’s office has announced a new policy that requires illegal immigrants staying at city-run shelters to leave after 60 days.

The policy will reportedly be phased in, starting with those who arrived last year, and will eventually apply to all new arrivals.

The mayor emphasized creating pathways to resettlement, community integration, and reunification, as well as creating jobs for Chicagoans.

“There are three anchors to this new phase in our plan: creating pathways to resettlement, community integration and reunification, creating jobs for Chicagoans in staffing the New Arrivals Mission, and building public infrastructure for the public good,” Johnson stated.

“Above all, we are treating our new neighbors with compassion because it is the humane thing to do and because with support, they can become productive members of our communities, contributing to our economy, our culture and our society,” he added.

“We are addressing the anxiety and fear that people have, whether you are a taxpayer or whether you are someone who is seeking asylum in the city of Chicago.”

Additionally, the state government has decided to cut rental assistance for illegal immigrants to three months, with none at all set aside for those arriving in Chicago following a certain date.

Despite the changes, the mayor has affirmed that Chicago will continue to remain a sanctuary city, but some City Council members are pushing for a referendum to reconsider the status.

“We will always be a sanctuary city,” Johnson pressed.

“When … Harold Washington did this, times were different. We didn’t have people coming into this city by the thousands,” Alderman Anthony Beale said.

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