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Not Just Biden: 77-Year-Old Trump Faces Scrutiny


In the lead-up to the 2024 US elections, both Joe Biden and Donald Trump, if elected, would be the oldest presidents in history.

Trump’s recent missteps and gaffes have come under scrutiny, with opponents highlighting his age and health.

While Biden’s team has seized the opportunity to redirect attention to Trump’s age, Trump’s camp has pushed back, labeling Biden as “weak and frail.”

“The Biden campaign must be confused like their own candidate because Biden is in a constant state of confusion,” Trump spokesperson Steven Cheung said.

Despite both candidates being close in age, public perception leans towards Biden appearing older.

Trump’s physical condition and health have not faced the same level of scrutiny as Biden’s, with little information provided about his health since leaving office.

“The president is not a job for an 80-year-old,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis stated.

The age and health of presidential candidates have become subjects of debate, with some calling for mandatory mental competency tests for politicians over 75.

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