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China Doesn’t Have To Feed Kids Antisemitism And Terror Support Because Schools Do It For Them

via Real Time with Bill Maher in Youtube
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Bill Maher expressed concern about the spread of pro-terrorist and antisemitic beliefs on TikTok, pointing out that such content is coming from where young people are meant to be learning.

He also questioned whether China needs to actively feed this content to the youth, suggesting that they simply need to allow the individuals to communicate and influence each other.

“Did you see what’s going on on TikTok? … Celebrities are involved…they’re all — this where the antisemitism is coming from,” Maher pressed.

“And the kids now have jumped — on TikTok — from supporting Hamas to supporting Osama bin Laden. Is this the Tide Pods, is this the eating the Tide?”

“Is this where this is coming from? Are their minds literally poisoned now? Half of it is coming from where they’re supposed to be learning from.”

“There’s a teacher in Maryland, she had to go on leave because she posted on Facebook that Israel is trying to steal the organs of Palestinians, that’s why there is a war there.”

“Do you think that the Chinese…TikTok is theirs, and a lot of people are concerned that this is sort of a Trojan Horse into the minds of our youth, do you think they’re feeding them this stuff?” he added later.

“Because I don’t think they have to. I think they just have to let these idiots talk to each other. That’s what — they’ll do it to each other.”

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