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Jen Psaki Exposes Mike Johnson’s Glaring Hypocrisy


Jen Psaki of MSNBC highlighted Republican hypocrisy regarding their treatment of Donald Trump and Rep. George Santos.

Psaki praised Republicans for calling out Santos over his alleged misuse of campaign funds, while noting their less vocal response to the numerous allegations against Trump, including impeachment, criminal charges, and civil trials.

“Republicans are showing us they do have the ability to call out one of their own. Good for them,” she said.

“It’s a good thing that lots of Republicans won’t tolerate this kind of behavior anymore. We’ve been waiting. And yet, you knew there was going to be a ‘yet’ in here, lots of Republicans have been much less vocal about the mountain of allegations and evidence against their own party’s leader, Donald Trump,” she added.

Psaki emphasized the severity of Trump’s allegations compared to Santos’ and criticized Republican reluctance to draw the line with Trump despite condemning Santos.

“I mean, call me crazy, but all of that, sexual abuse, hoarding classified documents, trying to end American democracy, is actually much worse than the allegations against George Santos, much much worse.”

“As crazy as those allegations are too.”

“The pious speaker Mike Johnson is very troubled by paying for OnlyFans with the campaign funds.”

“But paying hush money to a porn star, obstructing investigations, and inciting a violent attack on the Capitol, he’s ‘all in for,’” she pressed.

“Republicans are willing to draw lines, just not when it comes to Donald Trump.”

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