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Major Update On Biden Impeachment

via Joe Biden
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House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican, has stated that the impeachment inquiry against President Joe Biden has progressed to the point where witnesses should be placed under oath.

Johnson emphasized the alleged corrupt conduct of President Biden’s family and the need to question key witnesses under penalty of perjury.

He commended the work of Oversight Chairman James Comer, Judiciary Chairman Jim Jordan, and Ways and Means Chairman Jason Smith, expressing full support for the investigation. (Trending: Jury Reaches Verdict In Paul Pelosi Hammer Case)

“At this stage, our impeachment inquiry has already shown the corrupt conduct of the president’s family and that he and White House officials have repeatedly lied about his knowledge and involvement in his family’s business activities,” wrote Johnson in a stement to the press.

“It has also exposed the tens of millions of dollars from foreign adversaries being paid to shell companies controlled by the president’s son, brother and their business associates,” continued the new Speaker of the House.

Adding, “Now, the appropriate step is to place key witnesses under oath and question them under the penalty of perjury, to fill gaps in the record.”

“I commend the good work of Chairmen Comer, Jordan, and Smith,” said Johnson of his GOP colleagues.

“As we move forward toward an inflection point in this critical investigation, they have my full and unwavering support,” he concluded.

Additionally, Johnson mentioned that Republicans will not rush the impeachment process for Sec. Mayorkas, citing the gravity of such actions.

“Next to a declaration of war, impeachment is arguably one of the heaviest powers that the House has,” Johnson cautioned.

“We have to do it in the right manner. But the evidence that’s built up against Mayorkas is so complete,” promised the Republican.

“I think he’s probably one of the worst cabinet secretaries on the evidence, objectively speaking, in the history of the country. He’s opened the border [with] intentional policy decisions and all the terrible societal ills that come from that,” he continued.

Johnson said that he understood “the angst of our members, I share it myself, and the American people really want something done on that border, and this is an important gesture.”

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