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Joe Biden Is Not the Person We Thought He Was in 2020

via Washington Post

Sen. Joe Manchin criticized President Biden for being pushed too far to the left from his centrist and moderate position, suggesting a need for a movement towards the middle.

He expressed concerns about the extremes and the challenges the country faces, emphasizing the importance of getting the financial house in order and securing borders, while also highlighting the need for work visas for immigrants.

“And then, I’ve been, to a certain extent, on President Biden, he’s not the person we thought that was…elected being a centrist and moderate,” said the Democratic Senator. (Trending: Judge Issue Major Ruling On Transgender Procedures For Kids)

“He’s been pushed so far to the left,” he lamented.

Suggesting, “if we have this movement in the middle, maybe we can pull people back to a commonsense middle to where they can go.”

“You cannot run your life from the extremes. You’re not going to be successful. It’s very difficult. You’re not going to have a successful business if you’re in the extremes,” warned Manchin.

“Manchin proceeded to insist that “you can’t continue to run this country. You can’t have open borders, you can’t have the runaway debt, you can’t have the problems that we have, the challenges, crime, all of the things that we’ve got to fight.”

“We’ve got two of our allies fighting for their life in Israel and Ukraine right now that we’re trying to prevent ourselves from getting pulled into a war. There’s so much going on,” highlighted the West Virginian.

“President Biden has worked well overseas with our NATO allies. I think he’s done a good job. But, right now, it’s going to be very serious, but we’ve got to get our financial house in order,” protested Manchin.

Demanding that, “We’ve got to secure our borders. And also, on top of that, we have an awful lot of people that come here that need to have work visas so they can pay their own way and pay taxes rather than just sucking off the system.”

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