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Zelenskyy Says Trump ‘Can’t Bring Peace’

via NBC News
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Ukrainian President Zelenskyy invited former President Donald Trump to Ukraine, and pushed against Trump’s claim that he could solve the Russo-Ukrainian War in 24 hours if reelected.

Zelenskyy stated that Trump couldn’t bring peace without ceding Ukrainian territory to Russia.

“Former President Trump said that in about 24 hours, that he can manage it and finish the work for me. What can I say? He’s very welcome.”

He added, “I invite President Trump. If he can come here, I will need 24 minutes—yes, 24 minutes, not more—to explain [to] President Trump that he can’t manage this war. He can’t bring peace because of … Putin.”

“If he’s not ready to give our territory for this terrible man—for … Putin—if you’re not ready to give it, if you’re not ready to give our independency, he can’t manage it.”

Zelenskyy also mentioned that he hasn’t spoken to Trump since he left office.

The Ukrainian leader also expressed uncertainty about continued U.S. support for Ukraine if Trump were to be reelected.

“I think that it depends not only on the president institutionally, I think it depends on the opinion of Americans, of your society. I think that is most important.”

“I think it’s important in the United States and EU, the attitudes of just ordinary people. It’s their support, their money. It … depends on them.”

Support for Ukraine in the U.S. has become more partisan, with Republicans taking an America-first approach and Democrats largely supporting Ukraine.

President Biden has requested $106 billion in aid for Ukraine, Israel, among other international endeavors, but funding remains uncertain due to other pressing issues such as the approaching deadline to fund the U.S. government.

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