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Mike Johnson Rages About Attacks On His Christian Faith

via FOX

Newly elected Speaker of the House Rep. Mike Johnson, an Evangelical Christian, responded to criticism from liberals and the media about his Christian faith.

He stated that he is not bothered by the attacks and wishes people would get to know him better.

Johnson clarified that he is not trying to establish Christianity as the national religion, but rather believes in showing love and acceptance towards all.

Kayleigh McEnany began, “Media wasn’t always so friendly to someone with a Judeo-Christian worldview, and in your case, some of the things that had been said, Politico interviewed a historian about your worldview, and this historian said you’re a Christian nationalist, it comes from that of Christian supremacy.”

“What do you think when you hear that?” she asked Johnson.

“Look, there are entire industries that are built to take down public leaders – effective political leaders like me. I’m not surprised by that. I mean, it comes with the territory. It doesn’t bother me at all,” Johnson answered.

Adding, “I just wish they would get to know me.”

“I’m not trying to establish Christianity as the national religion or something. That’s not what this is about at all,” he concluded.

Johnson told McEnany, “If you truly believe in the Bible’s commands, and you seek to follow those, it’s impossible to be a hateful person because the greatest command in the Bible is that you love God with everything you had, and you love your neighbor as yourself.”

He found comparisons between his faith and the Taliban or a mass shooter to be disgusting and offensive.

“Of course, our religion is based on love and acceptance. So, to compare that worldview with the Taliban, who seek to destroy their enemies, or with some deranged shooter who murders people is absolutely outrageous,” Johnson contended.

And I think that everyone who follows and believes in a Judeo-Christian worldview should be just terribly offended by that,” assured the lawmaker.

Despite the attacks, Johnson is willing to face criticism as it comes with leadership, but he is saddened that such attacks undermine the principles that shaped America.

Johnson confessed, “But what really hurts me is that it really is a statement about everyone who believes in this, that the country was built upon – our Judeo-Christian foundation is the heritage of our country,”

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