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If You Ask Google About Israel-Hamas War, The Results Are Disturbing

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Google search results are allegedly biased and misleading when it comes to news articles about Hamas and Israel.

The search engine is accused of curating pull-quotes that create a false equivalence between the two, potentially causing users to accept the provided answer without reading the full articles.

Google’s featured snippets also bury its own search results and steer users to different information, leading to a distorted view of the topic.

When searching “Hamas rape women,” Google altogether avoids the vast amount of information regarding the atrocities Hamas has committed against Israelis.

Instead, the search engine puts in a text section reading, “What did Hamas do to women in Israel?”

Unsurprisingly, it then pulls an Associated Press article titled, “Hamas on Monday released two elderly Israeli women held hostage in Gaza.”

When searching “why is Israel being attacked,” Google responds by casting blame on Israel, stating, “The attack seems to be partly fueled by anger at Israel’s actions in Gaza.”

Moreover, the search engine redirects users from their original search query to vastly unrelated questions and answers.

If asked “why is Israel at war with Palestine,” it responds, “The current Israel-Palestine status quo began following Israeli military occupation of the West Bank and Gaza.”

Google has reportedly denied manual curation and claims that the snippets are automatically generated based on “relevance.”

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