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Biden’s IRS Gets Devastating News

via The Independent on Youtube
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House Republicans have proposed redirecting funds from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to Israel in an aid package.

The plan aims to cut the IRS budget while providing $14.3 billion to Israel.

The proposal is in response to recent attacks in Israel and emphasizes the importance of standing with the country.

Speaker Mike Johnson has said ““standing with Israel and protecting the innocent over there is in our national interest and is a more immediate need than IRS agents.”

House Democrats have criticized the plan, accusing Republicans of exploiting a catastrophic war to benefit the wealthy.

Democratic Rep. Bill Pascrell Jr. posted on X, “The republicans are trying to use a catastrophic war as a vehicle to give millionaires a tax cut. This garbage will *raise* the deficit by helping rich people cheat on their taxes. There is no tragedy Republicans won’t exploit not one.”

Rep. Scott Perry commented, “We want to help Israel — and we all do. I think most Republicans and Democrats absolutely want to do that. But we also have to acknowledge our own financial crisis here in America.”

President Biden has also requested funds for Israel, Ukraine, border security, humanitarian aid, and Taiwan.

The clash between Republicans and Democrats sets the stage for a major spending battle.

Appearing on Fox News, Rep. Greg Steube recently highlighted the contradiction of Hunter Biden suing the IRS.

Joe Biden had earmarked $80 billion in funding and bolstered the organization by adding 87,000 agents. The purpose of this was to guarantee tax compliance among the wealthy.

It turns out that the multi-millionaire Biden family hasn’t been paying its taxes. Bank records show nine members of the Biden family have received $20 million in unexplained wire transfers from foreign nationals. (Trending: Woman Raised in USSR Says Biden’s DOJ Acts Like KGB)

Hunter Biden has been under investigation by the IRS, and he’s now suing the agency for “targeting” and “embarrassing” him.

Hunter is certainly correct that the situation is “embarrassing” because it puts his disgraceful and illegal acts on display for the American public.

Fox News host host Dagen McDowell said, “Congressman, this, though, it does shine a light on what Republicans have said about the IRS all along and the 87,000 new agents, the $80 billion in new funding for the IRS. Hunter Biden, with this lawsuit, is essentially proving y’all’s point.”

U.S. Rep Greg Steube responded, “Yeah. You put 87,000 more IRS agents out there, and you’re going to — they’re going to be going after conservatives and it’s the weaponization of the DOJ.”

“And, again, this is the same — the Democrats are the ones that made Trump’s tax returns public, and there wasn’t — he wasn’t involved in some type of criminal investigation for some type of tax fraud, where you have Hunter Biden, who has committed tax fraud.” (Trending: Trump Makes The Biggest Promise Of His Political Career)

“The IRS investigators will admit that. And there’s [money he owes] the federal government that we’ll never be able to recoup because a weaponized DOJ stalled for long enough so the statute of limitations would [expire], and they wouldn’t have to charge him for that crime,” he concluded.

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