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Shock Poll: 60% of Voters Want Groups Who Support Hamas Investigated

via NBC News
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A recent poll conducted among American voters found that 78% consider the Palestinian group Hamas to be a terrorist organization.

Additionally, 60% of respondents believe that American organizations supporting Hamas should be investigated by federal authorities.

The use of the terms “terror” and “terrorism” to describe Hamas has been a subject of debate, with the Associated Press discouraging their use and some university staff arguing that it makes Palestinian students and community members unsafe. (Trending: Donald Trump Is A ‘Cockroach’ That Just Won’t Go Away)

• 78% of respondents answered “yes” when asked: “Should the Palestinian group Hamas be considered a terrorist organization?” Only 8% said “no,” and 15% said “not sure.”

• When asked, “Should American organizations that support Hamas be investigated by federal authorities?”, 60% said yes, 19% said no, and 21% were not sure.

• When asked if “terrorism” should be used to describe Hamas and its atrocities, 78% of likely voters — including 85% of Republicans and 70% of Democrats — believe “terrorist” is the right word

However, the majority of likely voters (78%) believe that “terrorist” is an appropriate term. (Trending: Joe Biden Historic Take Down of Guns)

The issue of investigating groups that support terror has gained attention due to pro-Palestinian protests celebrating the recent attacks.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has announced a ban on the group “Students for Justice in Palestine” from state universities for their support of Hamas.

The poll has a margin of error of 3% with a 95% level of confidence.

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