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‘Will You Let Me Answer?’: Liz Cheney Has Heated Discussion With Fox News Host

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Former Rep. Liz Cheney engaged in a heated exchange with Fox News anchor Bret Baier, discussing Trump, Biden, and the rule of law.

Cheney reiterated concerns about Trump’s potential impact on democracy, while Baier quoted a Wall Street Journal op-ed accusing Biden of similar behavior.

The conversation delved into executive orders and actions by both presidents, with Cheney emphasizing the importance of a peaceful transition of power.

She criticized Trump’s actions during the Capitol riot, highlighting the need to uphold the Constitution.

“This is The Wall Street Journal. This is not a MAGA, you know, op-ed here. And they say, ‘Trump as dictator is a classic case of projection,’” said Baier.

“Well, I think they’re wrong,” Cheney snapped.

“I think if you, again, if you look at, we don’t have to guess about what next President Trump would do, because he did it before,” she continued.

“Right. But what about the point it made in this op-ed, specifically and I understand what you’re saying about the former president, what you feel about what would happen, but you haven’t been vocal about President Biden’s executive orders to cancel student loans,” said Baier.

Cheney and the host began interrupting one another until she eventually asked, “Are you going to let me answer?”

“Yeah, I am. Just let me list them,” requested Baier.

“After the SCOTUS ruled against it, he still uses regulatory means to write off, you know, the student debt, wall off 1.5 million acres of land for fossil fuel, began Baier.

Highlighting, “What this basically is saying is that there are things that have been done outside of the rule of federal courts that you haven’t weighed in on.”

“Well, first of all, I don’t think it’s true that I haven’t weighed in on those,” Cheney said.

“And I think a lot of those, if you look at the kinds of things that he’s done with respect, for example, to energy policy, with respect to setting aside lands across the West, I’ve been very vocal that I think those policies are wrong. It’s very different from a president,” she insisted.

“And look, you wrote a book about George Washington. The last chapter of your book is called, ‘The Gift of a Peaceful Transition of Power.’ That’s what we’re talking about,” Cheney replied.

“But this is not about me,” Baier said quickly.

“That’s right. But that’s a very important concept. Let me finish my answer,” Cheney demanded.

“Because every single president, Republican and Democrat, since George Washington, has ensured the peaceful transition of power. Donald Trump tried to seize power,” claimed the former lawmaker.

“So we can disagree with Biden policies, but the fact that he tried to seize power, the fact that he ignored the rulings of 61 courts, the fact that he ignored his own attorney general, his own White House counsel, who told him what he was saying about the election was false. It wasn’t true,” said Cheney.

“His claims were false, and he went out and made them anyway, knowing that,” insisted Cheney.

“The extent to which he, while a violent mob was assaulting the Capitol, he wouldn’t tell them to leave. Instead, he tweeted against his own vice president and he poured fuel on the flames. Those are lines that can’t be crossed. And look, this isn’t about policy. I voted with Donald Trump 93% of the time. This is about the nation. It’s about the republic. It’s about the Constitution,” she added.

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