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‘Aliens’ that landed in family’s backyard used ‘cloaking device’ to hide

via ABC
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A crime scene analyst and podcaster reviewed video footage from a reported alien encounter in a family’s Las Vegas backyard.

Using enhancement software, the analyst claims to have identified two alien creatures in the video that were employing some type of cloaking technology to render themselves partially invisible.

He analyzed anomalous blurs and distortions in the footage that appeared to depict beings.

“I think what the AI software was able to allow us to do was to determine that it was not just a shadow, beyond any reasonable doubt to a degree of scientific probability,” criminal case expert Scott Roder said.

“That’s the same standard that you testify in court, the same standard that can send a suspect to jail for the rest of their lives.”

Angel Kenmore called 911, informing a dispatcher he had seen a “tall, skinny alien creature with greenish color.”

The analyst and podcaster hypothesized the aliens had to make an emergency landing, explaining why no craft was found.

They speculated further analyses may provide more insights.

“My feeling is something went wrong with this craft or whatever they were in, and it had to come down and make an emergency landing,” podcaster Jim Quirk said.

“They landed in this backyard, and while they’re making emergency repairs, perhaps these alien beings are trying to stave off the pesky humans while these other aliens that we don’t see are working on this craft.”

“This is, as far as anyone should be concerned, this is the absolute end,” Roder said. “All evidence that shows that we are not alone and that there is an alien presence on this planet.”

“This is, as far as anyone should be concerned, this is the absolute end. All evidence that shows that we are not alone and that there is an alien presence on this planet.”

The analyst argued the enhanced video scientifically proves extraterrestrial life and that understanding the “why” of their presence on Earth remains unknown.

“This is bigger than Las Vegas,” Quirk said. “I mean, this shows we are not alone on this world.”

“There is some sort of an alien presence here among us,” Quirk added. “What they’re doing here, we can’t really say. We can only speculate. But there is something here, no doubt about it.”

“The world of crime scene reconstruction is very remedial. Who, what, where, when and why? Right?” Roder said. “We need the why. That’s how you get the full picture so you can understand the event.

“So, we have a bullet wound, and we’ve got a dead guy. OK, we know that guy shot that guy. But the important thing is, why did he shoot that guy? Why are these aliens here? Who are they? What do they want?”

The pair suggest continued investigation of this event and other potential sightings could shed more light on what really occurred.

“This is just the beginning,” Roder said.

“There are a lot of people involved,” Quirk said. “This is why people have been talking about this, and they haven’t stopped talking about it for a whole year. And now we finally are able to prove scientifically that there were actual alien beings in that backyard.”

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