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Anti-Israel mob at Columbia reveals exactly what they will target next after taking over academic building

via FOX
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Anti-Israel protesters at Columbia University escalated their demonstrations by taking over an academic building early Tuesday morning.

Over 100 students marched across campus and barricaded themselves inside Hamilton Hall, breaking windows and obscuring views.

They threatened to disrupt the university’s upcoming commencement ceremony on May 15th unless their demands for divestment from Israel and financial transparency were met.

“No divestment, no commencement,” the group chanted.

Chanting slogans in support of Palestine and martyrs, the protesters said they intend to occupy the building indefinitely.

In response, Columbia restricted campus access and locked down additional facilities while vowing to honor the students’ right to peaceful protest.

“Protestors have voiced their intention to remain at Hind’s Hall until Columbia concedes to CUAD’s three demands: divestment, financial transparency, and amnesty,” a statement read.

The situation remains unresolved as the occupied building continues to be used as a staging ground for demonstrations opposing the university’s ties to Israel.

“We will honor all the martyrs, all the parents, mothers, fathers,” protesters chanted. “We will honor all the martyrs, all the children, sons, and daughters.”

“From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” they said, adding, “Palestine will live forever.”

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