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AOC silent as migrants ignore the law in ‘Third World’ district

via CBS
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NYPD recently raided an “open-air flea market” in the Queens neighborhoods of Jackson Heights, Corona and Elmhurst, which are part of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s district.

The raid targeted illegal vendors selling counterfeit and other goods who were blocking sidewalks.

“Now you see it… now you don’t,” NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Operations Kaz Daughtry wrote. “This ‘flea market’ has been at the center of many quality-of-life complaints in Jackson Heights. We conducted an operation yesterday in response to these community concerns… we addressed the unlicensed peddlers, selling counterfeit goods on the streets of Queens!”

However, vendors returned to the streets days later.

Local residents have complained about unsanitary and unsafe conditions from the illegal activity, including prostitution.

“If there isn’t a consistent police presence and/or team set in place to educate these illegal vendors then this will all continue,” Assembly candidate Ramses Frías said.

“The constant neglect from the actual representatives of this area like Ocasio-Cortez, Assembly Members Jessica Gonzalez-Rojas and Catalina Cruz and the rest have angered and frustrated the residents here in these communities. We are done with the mess being brought about by prostitution, open-air illegal markets and crime,” he added. “Things are spiraling out of control and the lawlessness must come to an end.”

While the area is represented by progressive politicians, one city council member has been vocal in opposing the illegal vendors and partnered with the mayor for a separate raid on brothels.

The mayor attributed the illegal vending partly to migrants being unable to work legally.

“The number one complaint to my office is the congestion and garbage caused by illegal street vendors,” Democrat Council Member Moya said. “Mothers can’t push their strollers through our sidewalks, businesses are being robbed and undercut steps from their doors and residents are being put at risk from unsafe food handling. Enough is enough.”

“Some of the problems we’re facing in our city, this is the byproduct of bringing thousands of people to a city and telling them they cannot work… this is what we’re seeing,” Adams said. “Some of the illegal shops, sex trafficking that is taking place, all of this is a by-product. … I keep telling folks, you have 3,000 people on Randall’s Island [migrant facility] that cannot do anything all day. That’s just not right.”

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