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‘Woke’ Hollywood Suffers at the Box Office, Plunging Into ‘Full-On Depression’

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Hollywood box office


The Hollywood box office has faced significant challenges in recent times, stemming from a combination of factors such as strikes, film delays, surprise flops, and the availability of streaming services.

8.58 billion


The total domestic box office gross for 2023 fell short of the anticipated $9 billion, standing at $8.58 billion as of December 17th. This underperformance was attributed to a variety of issues, including strikes, superhero film flops, and a reduced number of film releases, leading to a tough year for the industry.

Notable flops


In 2024, notable flops included Madame Web, with a 64% drop in its second weekend, and Drive Away Dolls, an LGBTQ road trip comedy that opened on over 2,000 screens but earned a disappointing $2.5 million.



In 204, the box office is down 21% from 2021 and 45% from pre-pandemic 2020 levels, indicating audience disinterest in current Hollywood offerings rather than external factors like the pandemic.

Significantly disrupted


The months-long writers’ and actors’ strikes significantly disrupted film promotion and led to the postponement of several films, contributing to estimated losses of $500 million for the 2023 box office gross.



Several superhero films unexpectedly underperformed, leading to concerns about “superhero fatigue,” as new installments in major franchises failed to meet expectations. The lower-than-anticipated performance of prominent films like “The Marvels” and “Mission: Impossible” further added to the industry’s challenges.

Industry’s struggles


The reduced number of films released in theaters in 2023, with only 88 compared to 108 in 2019, also played a role in the lower box office gross. This decline in film releases, coupled with the impact of strikes and pandemic-related challenges, contributed to the industry’s struggles.

2024 box office


Projections for the 2024 box office have raised concerns, with expectations of a decline to about $8 billion. The lighter release slate for 2024 is seen as a contributing factor to this projected downturn, with studio executives preparing to navigate the challenges ahead.

Disappointing performance


The disappointing performance of major productions in 2023 has prompted discussions about the lessons Hollywood needs to learn to avoid a repeat of the summer blockbuster fiasco.

Massive budgets


This includes reevaluating the impact of massive budgets, adapting to changing audience habits post-pandemic, and the need for original and meaningful content to resonate with audiences.



Despite the struggles, there have been success stories that offer hope for the industry. Films like “Barbie” and “Oppenheimer” have defied expectations, demonstrating that original and meaningful content can resonate with audiences and drive box office success.

Engaging experiences


These successes underline the potential for Hollywood to adapt and provide engaging experiences for moviegoers.

Challenges persist


While challenges persist, there is optimism for a potential rebound, with expectations of a significant industry rebound in 2025. Experts suggest that a reinvigorated release slate and a focus on event-level films in the future could contribute to the industry’s recovery.



Despite the challenges, the industry remains resilient, with opportunities for recovery through lessons learned and a focus on delivering engaging and original content to captivate audiences.

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This article was originally published at Publications approved for syndication have permission to republish this article, such as Microsoft News, Yahoo News, Newsbreak,...