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‘It Never Ends’: Gun Law Attorney Predicts How They Will Disarm You

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William Kirk


In a recent episode of Washington Gun Law TV, William Kirk shared his perspective on the changing dynamics of gun rights in the United States.

Red flag laws


Kirk discussed the upcoming impact of red flag laws, which grant the authorities the ability to temporarily confiscate firearms from individuals considered a danger to themselves or others.

Medical professionals


Kirk expressed concerns over the potential involvement of medical professionals, including doctors and counselors, in the groups permitted to request the implementation of these laws.



Kirk expresses apprehension about the inclusion of medical professionals in red flag laws, noting that it creates a crossover between healthcare and law enforcement.



Kirk also suggests a connection between homeschooling and gun rights. As homeschooling rates increase, he foresees legislative initiatives that would classify homes as school premises in specific states. Kirk contends that such classifications would create gun-free zones in households where children are educated.

Tough decision


Kirk raises a dilemma for parents who choose homeschooling, pointing out that firearm restrictions in designated school areas present a tough decision: either follow the rules or give up their ability to educate their children independently of the public school system.



Kirk encourages viewers to stay alert and educated about legislative changes that could influence their Second Amendment privileges.

Significant implications


He stresses the significance of comprehending and supporting gun rights, especially when confronted with seemingly harmless laws that could have significant implications.

Advocacy campaigns


Emphasizing the significance of grassroots activism and legal defense groups, Kirk motivates people to participate in advocacy campaigns to safeguard their rights.



He highlights the value of community mobilization and tactical advocacy in impacting legislative choices and molding public conversations.

Gun control


By examining historical and current instances, Kirk considers the insights gained from previous attempts to implement gun control laws.

Second Amendment


Kirk says there is a continuous battle to defend Second Amendment liberties amidst evolving legal circumstances. He tells viewers to stay proactive and involved in championing their rights.

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