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Actor Michael Rapaport calls Columbia anti-Israel protests an ’embarrassment to New York City’

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Michael Rapaport


Actor and comedian Michael Rapaport addressed a pro-Israel gathering outside Columbia University, criticizing the anti-Israel demonstrators on campus as “bullies” and “cowards.”

Columbia University


“If these people were screaming at any other group of people, this would be taken care of,” Rapaport commented on the protesters at Columbia University who were against Israel.

Safe Passover


“I’m wishing everybody a happy, happy, safe Passover.”

Urged Hamas


He continuously urged Hamas to free the Israeli captives.



“These are bullies. These are cowards. These are pathetic, low-life scumbags,” Rapaport said. “It’s embarrassing. But agenda number 1 is to free our hostages. Agenda number 1-A is to eradicate Hamas.”

Lacked peace


Rapaport noted that the demonstrations at Columbia lacked peace and described the scenario as an “embarrassment.”



The comedian with liberal views also forecasted on Monday that former President Trump would secure victory in the 2024 election due to the ongoing protests at Columbia and Yale University.

Trump gets elected


“You know what’s going to be great?” Rapaport sarcastically remarked. “When d— stained Donald Trump gets elected — and I ain’t saying I’m voting for him — but when he does win, and he’s going to win, the screaming and yelling that you [expletive] miserable [expletive] on college campuses are doing now, the screaming that you are doing at Jews about, ‘Free Palestine,’ the screaming you are doing at Zionists is nothing compared to the screaming you are going to be doing come November, when d— stained Donald Trump wins the presidency because of you. Because of you.”



Numerous students at Yale and Columbia faced arrests and suspensions following the establishment of anti-Israel encampments on campus in the recent week.



Despite his history of vehemently criticizing Trump with profanity-filled outbursts, Rapaport expressed willingness to tolerate the former president’s re-election if it meant upsetting anti-Israel activists.

Can’t wait


“It would be worth the screaming, the crying and the yelling. I can’t wait to see those [expletive] protests come November when d— stained Donald Trump wins because of you [expletive] little b—jobs,” he said, before laughing. “I can’t wait!” he added.

Voting for Trump


In November, the comedian also mentioned that he would consider voting for Trump if the issue of antisemitism was not addressed in the United States.

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