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Trump Humiliates Lindsey Graham With Clap-Back

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Trump humiliates Lindsey Graham


Former President Trump and Senator Lindsey Graham disagreed publicly over abortion policy. While Trump said the issue should be left to states, Graham argued it is not just a states’ rights issue.

Trump’s support


Graham took issue with Trump’s support for a federal 15-week ban. Trump responded by criticizing Graham, saying his position does a disservice to Republicans and the country.

Respectfully disagree


“I respectfully disagree with President Trump’s statement that abortion is a states’ rights issue,” Graham wrote. “Dobbs does not require that conclusion legally and the pro-life movement has always been about the wellbeing of the unborn child – not geography.”

Great disservice


“Senator Lindsey Graham is doing a great disservice to the Republican Party, and to our Country,” Trump wrote.



Trump argued Graham keeps compromising on the issue and moving the goalposts from no exceptions to later and later terms.

Never agree

Fox News

Trump asserted Graham does not understand Democrats will never agree to Republican proposals and want to keep the issue going to motivate their base.

Radical Left Democrats

Fox News

“At first he wanted no Abortions under any circumstances, then he was up to 6 weeks, where you’re allowed Abortion, now he’s up to 15 weeks, where you’re allowed Abortion, but what he doesn’t understand, or perhaps he does, is the Radical Left Democrats, who are destroying our Country, will never approve anything that he or the Republicans want,” Graham’s statement read. “They love this Issue, and they want to keep it going for as long as Republicans will allow them to do so. Terminating Roe v. Wade was, according to all Legal Scholars, a Great Event, but sometimes with Great Events come difficulties.”

Lost elections


Trump said some Republicans have lost elections due to their stance on abortion and Graham risks handing Democrats full control.

Good Republicans


“Many Good Republicans lost Elections because of this Issue, and people like Lindsey Graham, that are unrelenting, are handing Democrats their dream of the House, Senate, and perhaps even the Presidency,” Trump wrote.

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