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MSNBC Host Panics Over Trump’s Rumored Candidate For Attorney General

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Trump’s rumored candidate


MSNBC sounded alarms over reports that Donald Trump has compiled an attorney general shortlist if reelected.

Host Ana Cabrera


Host Ana Cabrera played clips of one potential pick, Kesh Patel, discussing targeting Trump’s opponents.



“Trump has not been shy about his intent to weaponize the DOJ and use it to go after his enemies, and we should probably take him at his word about it. I do think he is serious,” Cabrera said.

He means it


“One thing I did learn on the committee is to pay attention and listen to what Trump says, because he means it,” Rep. Zoe Lofgren said. “If he intends to eliminate our constitutional system and start arresting his political enemies, I guess I would be on that list.”

Patel’s comments


Cabrera characterized Patel’s comments as indicating plans to arrest members of Congress.

losing freedom

Fox News

She cited Trump’s calls to jail the January 6th committee and one member’s stated fear of losing freedom if Trump aims to “eliminate our constitutional system.”

Clean house

Fox News

“Patel laid out what he thinks would have to happen in order to empower him. He would have to clean house,” Cabrera said.

Trump administration

Fox News

“The one thing we learned in the Trump administration the first go-around is we’ve gotta put in Americans patriots to to bottom,” Patel said.

Biden executive order


Cabrera interpreted a new Biden executive order strengthening job protections for federal employees as an attempt to “Trump-proof” the government and block Trump from replacing staff with supporters.

Trump attorney general


She argued this would make it harder for a Trump attorney general to act like a “banana republic.”

Deep state


Throughout his presidency and after, Trump railed against a “deep state” limiting reforms and serving as a roadblock for conservatives.

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