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Ex-College Star Celebrates New Ban On Transgender Athletes

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Kaitlynn Wheeler


During a Fox News Channel interview, ex-NCAA swimmer Kaitlynn Wheeler commended the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) for prohibiting transgender women from participating in women’s sports under its sponsorship.

It’s huge


“It’s huge,” Wheeler told “Fox & Friends First” on Tuesday morning, noting that “all eyes are on the NCAA right now.”

Bold move


“The NAIA took the bold first move here, and that’s what real leadership looks like,” the former college swimmer declared.

College athletes


Among a group of 16 current and former college athletes, which includes ex-University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, Wheeler is suing the NCAA, University System of Georgia, and several Georgia colleges.



They allege Title IX violations and privacy rights infringements by permitting transgender women to compete against women.

Biological females


NAIA’s recent regulation stipulates that only biological females who have not undergone hormone therapy are eligible to compete against women in its events. This organization oversees collegiate sports in smaller schools nationwide.



Wheeler highlighted the impact of this ruling, emphasizing the pressure it places on the NCAA and other sports entities to prevent biological males from participating in women’s competitions.

Haven’t done enough


“They did their research. They made the right call. Unlike the NCAA who has previously admitted that they haven’t done enough research on the subject, which frankly, I don’t think opening a biology textbook is really that hard,” Wheeler said.

Detrimental effects


The former college swimmer elaborated on the detrimental effects of the NCAA’s lenient policies towards transgender competitors on female college athletes.

Negative impact


She emphasized the negative impact of allowing men to participate in women’s sports, citing instances of men claiming trophies, honors, and scholarships, which she deemed as neither inclusive nor fair.

Locker rooms


Furthermore, she argued that permitting men in women’s locker rooms does not enhance safety or fairness.

CEO Jim Carr


Commending NAIA and its president and CEO Jim Carr, Wheeler expressed approval of their decision, stating that it was the correct choice. She suggested that it was time for the NCAA to follow suit and adopt similar policies.



When asked about her message to the NCAA in light of NAIA’s stance, she hinted that the larger organization would face consequences or a moment of truth.



“As much as the NCAA would like to turn their heads on this issue, because that’s what they’ve done thus far, they’re going to be forced to face this, and they will be forced to uphold Title IX, because really, people are fed up with the nonsense,” she said.

Republican or Democrat


“It doesn’t matter, whether you’re Republican or Democrat, the overwhelming majority of people understand that there are differences between men and women, especially when it comes to sports,” Wheeler pointed out, and added her hope that NAIA’s move will cause a shift on this issue.

NAIA’s new policy

ABC News

“But I’m really encouraged by the NAIA’s new policy, and I’m even that much more hopeful that many others are going to do the same.”

Takes one

ABC News

“It only takes one before or more starts to follow the right path,” she concluded.

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