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Dem Rep. Connolly: Trump Is a ‘Narcissistic Sociopath’ Who Has Seduced the GOP

via CBS
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Representative Gerry Connolly argued that Donald Trump exhibits narcissistic sociopathic behavior and has seduced much of the Republican base.

Connolly said sociopaths develop charm and skills to fool people, and Trump has massly seduced portions of the population by getting them to filter out reality.

Connolly said, “We are really watching a narcissistic sociopath in action. The problem with sociopaths is they fool a lot of people. They develop external skills in terms of charm and even a detainment skill that really can seduce. I think we have seen mass seduction of a large chunk of the population when it comes to Donald Trump and they have to really kind of filter out other reality.”

While courts found Biden won the election and Trump’s challenges were frivolous, the facts didn’t matter to Trump’s followers.

Connolly added that Trump has been criminally indicted on 88 counts in four venues and found guilty of sexual assault and massive civil fraud in New York, yet his followers give him a pass.

He said, “Objectively, every court found Joe Biden won the election and challenges to that were frivolous, every single court over 60 of them. The facts didn’t matter, did they? With Donald Trump, you have to put aside the fact that he has been criminally indicted on 88 counts in four different venues. To say nothing of the fact he’s already been found guilty and fined a half $1 billion from sexual assault to massive civil fraud in his business dealings in the state of New York. In any other circumstance, I would think, the average American would take that very seriously. In this case, for some reason Donald Trump gets a pass by his cultist followers.”

Connolly asserted the average American would normally take such a record very seriously, but Trump receives special treatment from his cult-like followers.

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