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Fani Willis’ Ex-Lover, Top Prosecutor Makes Shocking Legal Move

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Fani Willis’ Ex-Lover


Having received a significant sum of money to aid in the prosecution of former President Donald Trump, the former romantic partner of Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis has made a surprising assertion in their divorce proceedings.

Nathan Wade


As reported by the New York Post, Nathan Wade has petitioned a Georgia judge to reject Joycelyn Wade’s plea for spousal and child support, asserting that he is no longer able to fulfill the financial commitments he had agreed to just three months prior.



Reportedly, Wade received compensation of about $250 per hour for his assistance in District Attorney Willis’ investigation into former President Trump and other individuals linked to purported efforts to influence Georgia’s 2020 election results.



His earnings accumulated to approximately $700,000 before his resignation was demanded upon the revelation of his romantic involvement with Wade, as disclosed by the source.

1,000 per month


Joycelyn Wade’s legal representatives have stated that the former prosecutor is now providing their client with less than $1,000 per month, despite her health challenges that make it difficult for her to work.

Financial assistance


They highlighted that Wade has failed to uphold various commitments, including ongoing financial assistance for their son’s emerging soccer career in Europe and covering their daughter’s rent as she prepares for medical school entrance exams.



The agreement was finalized shortly before Willis was scheduled to give testimony in the divorce proceedings, a situation that could have further tarnished her reputation as a prosecutor.



Tensions have escalated to the point where Joycelyn Wade’s lawyers are urging the judge to incarcerate Wade until he fulfills his financial obligations.

Financial obligations


“With the income from [Wade’s] employement (sic) as the Special Prosecutor no longer coming in, and with income from [his] private practice being diminished, [he] is no longer able to … meet the financial obligations set forth in the temporary order,” Wade’s divorce lawyer M. Scott Kimbrough wrote in papers filed Monday.

Wade and Willis


The public eye turned towards Wade and Willis in January when the lawyer representing co-defendant Mike Roman raised concerns about impropriety in the defense team’s decision to hire Wade.

Romantic involvement


The attorney alleged that Wade had a previous romantic involvement with Willis, suggesting nepotism. For weeks, Willis remained silent before responding with an accusation of racism, although she did not deny the close connection between her and Wade.



Both individuals eventually testified that their relationship did not begin before Wade’s employment, a statement contradicted by a former acquaintance of Willis and Wade’s former divorce lawyer.

Cell phone data


Evidence presented by Roman’s attorney included cell phone data indicating that Wade had stayed overnight at Willis’ residence well before being hired.

Judge Scott McAfee


Judge Scott McAfee directed Willis to withdraw from the case or have Wade recused, a move Wade eventually made.



Legal experts anticipate potential challenges for the case due to prolonged distractions. Trump’s legal team persists, with a Georgia court of appeals assessing McAfee’s ruling permitting Willis to lead the case.

Willis exceeded


Additionally, a co-defendant contends that Willis exceeded her jurisdiction by pursuing an election-related charge without consulting Georgia election officials, a process usually preceding grand jury actions in such instances.

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