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Jim Wallis: White Nationalism has Co-Opted Christians

via American Academy of Religion
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Sojourners founder Jim Wallis argued that many Christians have been co-opted by white nationalism, constituting a form of “false worship” or “idolatry.”

He claimed Donald Trump markets racial grievances and appeals to the country’s deep-seated racial demons.

Wallis asserted the upcoming election is a test not just of democracy but of faith communities as well, calling on them to find the courage to speak out against such forces.

Wallis said, “Let’s use those words. Idolatry is false worship. Worshiping god, but these Christians have been co-opted by nationalism, by white nationalism. So it is a false worship. The other word that we often don’t want to go near is heresy. Heresy is what takes us away from Christ. Jesus suffered an identity theft on January 6 when people stormed the Capitol violently and shouted his name.”

He stated this is the season of Easter where people must seek hope to act, as things will continue getting worse without a response grounded in Jesus’ teachings, which could call people back from extremism and bring unity according to Wallis.

He believes the election and current climate pose a challenge for faith groups to demonstrate their integrity through principled action.

He added, “Donald Trump is the marketer, not just of racial grievance, for sure that, but also he’s a marketer of our worst demons. And our racial demons as we know go very deep in this country. So we got to get deeper than politics here, deeper than all the attacks he made on Easter Sunday, after which he said Happy Easter.”

Wallis said, “This election is not just a test of democracy, as you point out on all your shows, it’s a test of faith, the integrity of faith communities. Where will we stand? How will we stand? How will we speak? I think we need to find Easter isn’t just a day, it’s a season, as you and I know. This is the season where we have to find, search for the hope, giving us the courage to act.”

“It’s going to get worse and worse. So we have to act with real courage and hope and really show what this really is. You know, call people back to the teachings of Jesus, whether Christian or not. Jesus teachings can bring us back. This book is all about Jesus teachings.”

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