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Joe Biden Dealt Crushing Blow: 47,000 Dems Vote ‘Uninstructed’

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Democratic presidential primary


In Wisconsin’s Democratic presidential primary, approximately 47,000 voters opted for an “uninstructed” choice, which was more than twice the margin by which President Joe Biden defeated former President Donald Trump in the state in 2020.

Biden’s performance


This significant difference highlights the discontent within the Democratic party regarding Biden’s performance.

Election results


The election results from Tuesday indicated that Biden secured 88.6 percent of the vote but lost over 65,000 voters to either the “uninstructed” option or his primary challenger, Rep. Dean Phillips.

Results found


The results found the following: Biden received 88.6 percent / 506,969 votes while Uninstructed received 8.4 percent / 47,845 votes. Phillips received 3.1 percent / 17,553 votes.



The “Uninstructed” vote surpassed Biden’s 2020 margin of victory in Wisconsin by about 26,000 votes.

Biden’s margin


In 2020, Biden’s margin was 20,682 votes. In 2024, the Uninstructed received 47,845 votes.

47,000 voters


“Yesterday, over 47,000 voters in Wisconsin went to the polls and voted Uninstructed. President Biden won Wisconsin in 2020 by a little over 20,000 votes,” far-left activist Nina Turner posted on X.

Loyalty to Netanyahu


“This president must decide if loyalty to Netanyahu is worth delivering Trump the election in November. He must decide.”

Polling indicates


Recent polling indicates a decline in Biden’s approval rating regarding his management of the Hamas-Israel conflict.

Gallup survey


According to a Gallup survey, only 47 percent of Democrats now support Biden’s approach to the situation, marking a 13-point drop since October.

Biden’s prospects


This trend highlights a significant challenge for Biden’s prospects in the upcoming election.

Multi-point lead

PBS NewsHour

According to the Wall Street Journal poll, Trump maintains a multi-point lead over Biden in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, North Carolina, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, with the exception of Wisconsin where Biden leads by a narrow margin.

Swing states


The poll results highlight the significance of swing states and their potential to influence the outcome of the 2024 election, underscoring the importance of understanding the dynamics at play in each state.

Voter dissatisfaction


The poll reflects a voter dissatisfaction with Biden’s job performance and his handling of the economy, with more voters disapproving than approving of his performance by a significant margin in the swing states.



Concerns about the economy, inflation, and rising costs appear to be pivotal issues influencing voter sentiment, with Trump holding an advantage over Biden in these areas according to the poll.

Trump’s lead


Trump’s lead in key swing states has significant implications for the electoral landscape, prompting both campaigns to recalibrate their strategies and focus on addressing voter concerns in these pivotal states.

Campaign messaging


The findings underscore the importance of understanding regional and state-specific dynamics in shaping campaign messaging and policy priorities to appeal to swing state voters.

Poll results


The poll results reflect the evolving and uncertain nature of voter sentiment, signaling the potential for shifts in the political landscape in the months leading up to the election.

Remain agile

New York Post

The competitive nature of the race in these swing states underscores the need for both campaigns to remain agile and responsive to changing voter attitudes and priorities.

Economic concerns

New York Post

The survey findings underscore the impact of economic concerns and job performance on voter sentiment, highlighting the importance of addressing these issues in the lead-up to the election.

Voter attitudes


Understanding the nuanced factors shaping voter attitudes in each swing state will be crucial for both campaigns in formulating targeted and effective outreach strategies.

Valuable insights


While the poll provides valuable insights into current voter sentiment, it is important to interpret these findings in the broader context of the evolving political landscape and the potential for shifts in voter attitudes as the election approaches.

2024 election

Inside Edition

The dynamics of the 2024 election are multifaceted, and a comprehensive understanding of the complex interplay of factors is essential for gauging the electoral landscape.



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