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‘This Is Abuse’: Latino Radio Host Slams Joe Biden on Easter Transgenderism

via Inside Edition
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Biden declaring March 31st as Transgender Day of Visibility drew criticism from some Hispanic radio hosts who saw it as disrespecting Easter.

On a popular New York Spanish station, hosts expressed outrage that the White House promoted transgender issues on the most important week for Christianity.

“This is an abuse, a lack of respect. Don’t come to me with that nonsense. The year has 52 weeks. How is it possible [to do this] on the most important week of humanity, when Christ died for us, freed us from sin, confronted and triumphed over death, the Sunday of resurrection? Look, I am very careful and respectful, let everyone do whatever they [expletive] want with their ideas, but not like this,” host Frederick Martínez said.

They argued the administration should be more tactful and not do something so “shameless” during Holy Week.

“Today, on Transgender Day of Visibility, I have a simple message to all trans Americans: I see you. You are made in the image of God, and you’re worthy of respect and dignity,” Biden posted on X.

“Why take the day of Resurrection Sunday to do this?” Martínez’ co-host said.

The hosts felt it was offensive for believers and a blow to faith.

Some Democratic policies like transgender and immigration issues are seen as too liberal and driving family-minded voters, including Hispanics, to support Trump instead of Biden amid economic problems.

“If Biden wanted to wear a wig and a dress, do it after Holy Week, don’t come on [during] Holy Week to do something like this, which I think for you believers is offensive,” someone said off-camera.

“Dumb liberals are the ones voting for the governments who do these things,” he said.

“Today they are teaching our kids to go to the library so a transvestite can read to them. Transvestite hour. So what happens? We have to prevent these sorts of things that are being done — especially during a week that is so sacred,” he added.

“We respect the [transgender] community and wish the best to those who decide to take that path because it is a personal decision. But the authorities should also have a bit of tact, and not do something so shameless,” co-host Victor de la Cruz said.

Polls show Biden losing ground with Latino voters important to his coalition.

The Easter declaration was viewed as an attempt to trigger a culture war and motivate the progressive base, but may further damage Biden’s weak support among Christian Hispanics.

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