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Now Chinese migrants are sneaking onto Guam

via Sky News
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Concerns have been raised regarding potential Chinese Communist Party influence on the U.S. territory of Guam.

Critics noted rising numbers of Chinese nationals entering Guam illegally from the Northern Mariana Islands, where they do not need a visa.

“Count on the Chinese Communist Party to exploit every potential vulnerability on the map. What the CCP is doing in Guam is almost certainly no exception,” House Homeland Security Chairman Mark Green said.

This is largely problematic, as Guam hosts important U.S. military sites such as a submarine base and air force bases.

Green said the “surging numbers of Chinese nationals coming into Guam” is a “major cause for concern, in part because we simply do not know for what purpose these individuals are coming.”

“It’s not just rising numbers of Chinese nationals illegally crossing our Southwest border that demands attention—what’s happening in Guam does, as well,” Green said.

Members of Congress warn the visa loophole could enable espionage at these sensitive facilities.

They are pushing the administration to close loopholes that may allow intelligence gathering on U.S. military capabilities in the western Pacific.

“We’re trying to close those loopholes. I just think it’s very, very important that we do this,” Sen. Joni Ernst said.

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