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FBI Agent Says Agency Questions People ‘Every Day, All Day’ over Facebook Posts

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A Muslim woman in Oklahoma said FBI agents visited her home after Facebook provided screenshots of her pro-Palestinian social media posts to law enforcement.

The woman, Rolla Abdeljawad, questioned whether the US is still a free country after learning of Facebook’s involvement.

“FBI visit the home of an American Muslim Woman’s home to question her about her pro-Palestine social media posts after they were flagged by @meta’s @Facebook!” lawyer Hassan Shibly said.

“So we no longer live in a free country and we can’t say what we want?” Abdeljawad asked.

An agent said they visit people daily to ensure safety.

“No, we totally do. That’s why we’re not here to arrest you or anything. We do this every day, all day long. It’s just an effort to keep everybody safe and make sure nobody has any ill will,” an agent stated.

Abdeljawad’s lawyer believes it was a “fishing expedition” rather than Facebook triggering the visit.

“The lawyer did inform me that, these instances are now common but, the lawyer doesn’t believe that FB sent them the screenshots of my posts. Rather, it seems like a fishing expedition,” she wrote.

Her posts commented on Gaza and called for destruction of “Israhelli terrorist filth.”

“Israhelli terrorist filth. They think Ramadan is a weakness for Muslims not, realizing Ramadan is the strength. #FreePalestine May Allah destroy every single despicable zionist, their supporters and backers. Ameen,” she wrote.

Meta hands over user data to US law enforcement with proper legal requests, fulfilling over 87% of requests in the first half of 2023.

The situation raises concerns over free speech rights, especially as government coordinates more with tech platforms on “violent extremism.”

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