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Jack Smith Gets Bad News From Legal Expert

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Special Counsel Jack Smith

via CBS

Special Counsel Jack Smith faces potential obstacles in the classified documents case against Trump in Florida. With the grand jury files now under the jurisdiction of Judge Aileen Cannon, a Trump appointee, experts say she has authority to exclude key evidence like testimony from Trump’s lawyer Evan Corcoran.

Prosecuted in D.C


“Because the case wasn’t going to be prosecuted in D.C., the rulings made as part of the grand jury investigation are not binding on Cannon,” former prosecutor Bill Shipley wrote. Cannon also handed Trump a win by requesting “competing scenarios” from both legal teams for the jury on interpreting presidential records, which critics say could bias the jury or lead to dismissal.

Smith is trapped


Smith is said to be trapped between trying to remove Cannon, who has issued rulings favorable to Trump, or risking further delays.

Cannon overstepped


Legal experts argue Cannon overstepped by making a question of law about presidential records into a jury issue.

Cannon’s bizarre ruling


“Judge Cannon’s bizarre ruling is yet another instance that clearly benefits Trump and demonstrates that she is in over her head as a judge,” legal expert Neama Rahmani said.



“The issue is a question of law that she should decide, not a question of fact for the jury,” the expert added. The case has taken on new significance as delays could push the trial past the 2024 election.

Classified documents case


The unfolding legal saga surrounding the classified documents case against former President Donald Trump has captivated attention, unveiling a web of legal intricacies, trial delays, and strategic maneuvers that have profound implications for the legal, political, and electoral domains. The protracted nature of the legal proceedings, the absence of definitive trial dates, and the strategic posturing of legal teams have underscored the complexities at the heart of the case, shaping its trajectory within the broader context of Trump’s legal challenges.

Absence of a firm trial date


The absence of a firm trial date and the protracted nature of the legal proceedings have introduced uncertainty into the timeline for the resolution of the classified documents case against Donald Trump. The delay in setting trial schedules and the unresolved pre-trial motions have contributed to the prolonged nature of the legal process, underscoring the intricate legal maneuvers and their impact on the progression of the case.

Trump’s legal team


Trump’s legal team has strategically leveraged legal maneuvering to delay the trials, aligning with a broader strategy to navigate the legal landscape amidst electoral considerations. The pursuit of delayed trial dates reflects a calculated approach to influence the trajectory of the case, underscoring the complex interplay of legal strategies and electoral imperatives.

2024 election


The delay in Trump’s legal case holds significant implications for the 2024 election, particularly as the trials may extend beyond Election Day.

Delayed trial outcomes


The potential for delayed trial outcomes and the specter of criminal convictions could shape public perceptions and influence voter sentiments, emphasizing the enduring impact of the legal proceedings on the electoral landscape.

Public discourse


The delay in Trump’s legal case has fostered public discourse and reflections on the accountability of public figures, prompting broader discussions on the intersection of legal accountability, political influence, and public perception.

Legal proceedings


The protracted legal proceedings have precipitated nuanced considerations of legal accountability and the implications for public trust and confidence.

Aileen Cannon


The judge presiding over the case, Aileen Cannon, has faced scrutiny and attention for the delays in setting a trial schedule and the handling of pivotal legal motions.

Pre-trial motions


The unresolved pre-trial motions and the absence of definitive trial dates have underscored the complexities and sensitivities shaping the judicial dynamics of the case.

Legal case against Trump


The legal case against Trump has unfolded within a landscape of strategic legal posturing, contested pre-trial motions, and the intricate interplay of legal and electoral considerations.

Evolving legal dynamics


The evolving legal dynamics and strategic considerations underscore the multifaceted dimensions shaping the trajectory of the case and its implications for Trump’s legal challenges.

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