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Elon Musk’s satellite deployment may diminish atmosphere, experts warn

via Fox News
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A new report warns that growing numbers of satellites burning up in Earth’s atmosphere as space debris could weaken our planet’s magnetic field and possibly even strip away parts of the atmosphere.

The report’s author, physicist Sierra Solter-Hunt, suggests magnetic dust from defunct satellites may create enough charged particles in our magnetosphere to cut it in half.

“I was shocked at everything that I found and that nobody has been studying this,” Solter-Hunt said.

“I think it’s really, really alarming,” Solter-Hunt said.

This could expose satellites to higher radiation and solar storms.

It may also interfere with rocket launches by disrupting onboard electronics.

While private satellites are already issues for astronomy and pose collision risks, the biggest concern is when they die and vaporize, depositing metal pollution that could accumulate in the upper ionosphere and disrupt the magnetic field over long periods.

However, other scientists dispute the risks, and stripping the atmosphere could take centuries.

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