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Supreme Court rejects appeal by former commissioner banned for Jan. 6 insurrection

via KRQE
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The Supreme Court rejected an appeal from former New Mexico commissioner Couy Griffin, who was removed from office for his role in the January 6, 2021 Capitol insurrection.

Griffin, who supported Trump, was the only elected official so far banned for involvement in the attack.

A New Mexico judge ruled Griffin aided the insurrection without violence.

This was the first removal under the 14th Amendment’s bar on those who aided insurrection against the U.S.

The Supreme Court said states can disqualify officials for attempting state office.

“We conclude that States may disqualify persons holding or attempting to hold state office,” the justices wrote.

Griffin’s case could bolster efforts to hold other elected officials accountable for January 6 involvement.

“If the decision … is to stand, at least in New Mexico, it is now the crime of insurrection to gather people to pray together for the United States of America on the unmarked restricted grounds of the Capitol building,” defense attorney Peter Ticktin said.

He contends his actions were free speech and prayer, not insurrection.

“When civil courtrooms can remove elected officials, it sets a very dangerous precedent,” Griffin said. “Personally, I’m very disappointed and equally concerned about the future of our political system.”

“God is really allowing me to experience some amazing days,” Griffin said. “Jan. 6 was a day like no other. It was a day where a type of patriotism was expressed that I’d never seen before, and I was honored to be there.”

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