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Comedy Legend Mimics Biden’s Changing Stance on Border Crisis

via Everything Hollywood
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Comedian Dana Carvey did an impression of President Biden on his podcast, showing Biden initially denying there was a crisis at the border but recently claiming he would close the border harder than anyone.

In the early part, Carvey’s Biden holds up a paper saying there’s no crisis.

“I started with Biden, ’cause the border is all the rage now, everyone’s crazy for the border,” Carvey said. “So I did Biden three years ago, he’s at a press conference, you know.”

“First of all, let’s get our facts straight. There’s no crisis at the border. C’mon,” Carvey’s Biden said.

“And [the press goes], ‘How do you know, sir?’”

“Cause it says so on the piece of paper!” Carvey’s Biden said. “Says it on the paper right there.”

In the recent part, fiery Biden challenges the press to a pushup contest and says nonsensical phrases while insisting he will close the border unlike anyone.

“And then recently,” Carvey said, “everyone wants to close the border. Everyone’s screaming and Biden’s up there, ‘I’ll close the border harder than anyone’s ever closed the border! ‘Cause I know how to close the border. C’mon Jack!’”

“But last time …” Carvey said, impersonating the press.

“Get your facts straight! I’ll beat the hell outta ya,” Carvey’s Biden said. “Whattaya dog pace pony shoulder? C’mon! Let’s do some push-ups! I’ll close the border like nobody’s ever closed the border – the border patrol – the border – can’t believe it’s not butter!”

Carvey nailed Biden’s mannerisms to laughs from others.

Biden ended many of Trump’s border policies, which Republicans argue led to the ongoing crisis.

Recent polls show Biden’s approval slipping on immigration and most voters believing the border situation is at least a major problem.

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