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Trump: Government Documents Taken ‘Legally,’ ‘Wasn’t Hiding Them’

via C-SPAN
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Former President Donald Trump defended taking government documents to Mar-a-Lago on Newsmax, claiming it was done legally.

He argued the FBI raid was unjustified given he was still dealing with the documents, while Joe Biden took far more documents as a senator without consequence.

Trump said he took the boxes of documents very legally from the White House during his moving out process and they were not hidden but kept in boxes in plain view, unlike Biden who hid his documents.

Trump said, “I was dealing with them. We were dealing fine. And then all of a sudden they raided this house. They raided Mar-a-Lago. These are corrupt people.”

He added, “But they release Biden. What Biden did, he wasn’t protected by the Presidential Records [Act] because he wasn’t president. He took them when he was a senator.”

He concluded that Biden’s actions were much worse given the pictures of his boxes being used in Chinatown, while Trump had full security protection for his documents at Mar-a-Lago.

“There’s something going on because they’re going after me viciously. Then all of a sudden it comes out that Biden took 10 times the number of documents that I did. And I took them very legally and I wasn’t hiding them. We had boxes on the front of the– and a lot of those boxes had clothing and a lot of things. We’re moving out, ok? Unfortunately, we’re moving out of the White House,” he said.

Trump added, “And because we’re moving out of the White House, our country’s going to hell. But we weren’t hiding anything. He was and then you see him in with his Corvette. Nobody ever mentions the one. That’s the worst is he had him in Chinatown, and those were boxes that were used. If you take a look at those boxes, those boxes where there was a lot of activity in those boxes, they show pictures of them. These were boxes that were used in Mar-a-Lago. We had the Secret Service, we had all sorts of security. We had everything and what he did was far more egregious.”

Trump maintained the ongoing investigations against him are politically motivated.

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