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Arkansas To Ban Use Of ‘X’ On Drivers Licenses: Gender Must Match Birth Certificate

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Arkansas Governor Sarah Sanders announced that the state will no longer allow the use of an “X” gender designation on driver’s licenses and state IDs.

IDs must now list gender as either male or female, in accordance with the individual’s birth certificate.

Sanders said this policy upholding only two gender categories is “just common sense.”

“This policy is just common sense,” Sanders said. “Only women give birth, men shouldn’t play women’s sports, and there are only two genders. As long as I’m Governor, Arkansas state government will not endorse nonsense.”

The previous policy allowing “X” was instituted in 2010 but flagged for review.

Jim Hudson, the state Secretary of Finance and Administration said rescinding it ensures IDs are based on verifiable information to keep communities safe and prevent fraud, as required by law.

“This change announced today reflects a commonsense approach that ensures a license or ID issued by the State of Arkansas is based on objective, verifiable information,” Hudson said. “All of our stakeholders in law enforcement, other government agencies, caregivers, schools, and businesses depend on DFA-issued licenses and IDs to keep our communities safe and to prevent fraud. The discontinued policy is not supported by Arkansas law and was never subject to public comment and review by the Arkansas Legislative Council (ALC), as required by the Administrative Procedures Act.”

“We are committed to implementing this new policy in a manner that is respectful towards all of our customers,” Hudson said.

Those with current “X” IDs can use them until they expire.

The DFA will submit an emergency rule for legislative review. Sanders had previously removed “woke, anti-women” language from documents.

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