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Mary Trump’s Startling Revelation About Donald’s Childhood

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Clinical psychologist Mary Trump said Donald Trump’s affinity for authoritarian leaders stems from his childhood relationship with his father Fred Trump, who she described as a “straight-up sociopath.”

As the favorite son, Trump learned to stay on his father’s good side or face consequences, making him comfortable with strongmen like Putin and Orban.

Trump “has never evolved beyond the kind of person he was when he was very young, and it’s not at all surprising because he grew up in an authoritarian household,” Mary said.

It’s “one of the things that should worry everybody about Donald,” she said.

Trump needs both the benefits of associating with such figures and to stay in their good graces.

“Because he also understood what would happen to him if he didn’t,” she added. “So he [Donald Trump] is very comfortable in this milieu and it is extremely important to him that he get the benefits of associating with strong men like [Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor] Orbán and [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, but also that he be on their good side.”

Former Australian PM Malcolm Turnbull recalled being uneasy with Trump fawning over Putin, which Mary Trump said was no laughing matter and likened Trump to a pre-pubescent child with a crush, worryingly for the leader of the free world.

It is “really no laughing matter when, at that point the leader of the free world is being described as a pre-pubescent child with a crush on an older, more powerful person,” Mary Trump said.

She analyzed Trump as never evolving beyond the person he was as a child due to his authoritarian upbringing.

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