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CNN Host’s Blunder Goes Viral While Accusing Trump of ‘Insurrection’

via CNN
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CNN host Jake Tapper was criticized on social media for mistakenly saying that former President Donald Trump participated in an “erection” instead of an “insurrection” during an interview discussing the Supreme Court’s decision to allow Trump to remain on the ballot in Colorado.

Tapper had intended to refer to accusations that Trump incited an insurrection related to challenging the 2020 election results, but misspoke while tired after an early morning interview.

“I was very happy with the Supreme Court ruling,” Nikki Haley said. “Look, I’m trying to defeat Donald Trump fair and square. I don’t need them taking him off the ballot to do it.”

“Right, the Colorado Supreme Court, of course, wasn’t saying — however partisan people might have thought that decision was — their official explanation was not that they didn’t like Donald Trump,” Tapper said.

“They said he participated in an erection and I have to — an insurrection. Sorry, an insurrection. And I have to say, I got up at five this morning to do Kasie Hunt’s show and I’m exhausted,” he said.

The error resulted in pointed jokes and references on social media invoking other public figures who have made similar slips of the tongue regarding Trump.

“Something Jake Tapper is apparently unable to do…” one X user wrote.

“They’re all so perverted they can’t help it,” another wrote.

Some commenters also noted perceived hypocrisy in how some characterize questioning election results versus past Democratic objections after Trump’s 2016 win.

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