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DOJ Transcript: Joe Biden Made Car Noises, Often Meandered Off-Topic

via Forbes Breaking News
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The transcript of Joe Biden’s interview with Special Counsel Bob Hur revealed the president frequently wandered off topic into lengthy unrelated stories.

When asked about documents related to his vice presidency, Biden discussed in detail wanting to drive his Corvette and making car noises.

Attorney Marc Krickbuam asked, “Do you remember whether it was when the Corvette was coming back after the Jay Leno show? So, in other words, it goes out for Jay Leno, eventually it comes back.”

Biden said, “Oh no, it was, it was in and out for a bunch of reasons.”

“Because it drove me crazy; I wanted to drive it,” Biden added.

Krickbaum said, “Got it. That makes sense. A beautiful car.”

Biden then spoke about the car, and made car noises.

“And the worst part was, they said I couldn’t drive it outside the driveway. It’s a long driveway. So I’d get to the bottom of the driveway, tack it up to about four grand (indiscernible) (makes car sound) (indiscernible) (laughter),” Biden said.

“Sir, I’d love — I would love to hear much more about this, but I do have a few more questions to get through,” Hur said.

Hur said, “So now let’s talk about the Naval Observatory. So you’ve been living there for eight years. So at the end of your vice presidency, what kinds of papers or documents or files were at the Naval Observatory as you were preparing to leave and move out?”

“And this poor kid is down a hundred-foot vessel, chimney, scraping the hydrogen bubbles off of the inside. They were made to shut the plant down once every — whatever, about eight months or six months or a year, whatever it is. And he was wearing the wrong pants, wrong jeans, and he — a spark caught fire and got caught in the containment vessel and he lost part of his penis and one of his testicles and he was 23 years old,” Biden rambled.

Hur interrupted, saying, “So, sir, the material that you just — that you remember having, again, trying to steer us back to the end of your vice presidency and focusing on your move out of the Naval Observatory.”

He also launched into long anecdotes about a man’s work accident and his time in Mongolia in response to questions about classified materials.

“You know, I went to Mongolia and, and great pictures. I, unfortunately, embarrassed the hell out of the leader of Mongolia,” Biden said.

“So we’re out in the middle of nowhere and they’re looking up on the hill and we see this tiny line. You know, it’s a 20-mile horse race with all these kids under the age of 16 on bareback racing to come down. And you know, there are sumo wrestlers doin’ everything they do.”

The attorneys struggled to steer Biden back on topic and at one point requested a break.

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