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Biden’s reaction to Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene goes viral

via ABC
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During President Biden’s State of Union address, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene wore a “Make America Great Again” hat, drawing a viral reaction from Biden.

Greene also shouted out the name of a victim of an undocumented immigrant, which Biden mispronounced.

While many praised Biden’s humor in his reaction and demeanor, others defended Greene and criticized Biden, saying he seemed confused.

“Imagine getting cooked like this by the President of the United States, brutal,” one X user wrote.

“Even MTG couldn’t keep a straight face at Biden’s perfect reaction to her costume,” another wrote. “She’s an amateur. He’s a pro.”

“This amazing clip of Biden vs MTG proves to me he has all his marbles, all his mental faculties, all his sense of humor – and that he is going to win in November,” said another.

“I caught a lot of flak from the Democrats,” Greene said.

“We’re not supposed to wear hats on the House floor, and I said, ‘I’ll pay the fine.'”

“God Bless MTG for this,” one X user wrote.

The interaction highlighted the ongoing partisan divide, with Democrats applauding Biden and Republicans defending Greene’s actions and seeking to undermine Biden, and renewed debates around immigration policy and partisan behavior in Congress.

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