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Senate Candidate Caught In Leaked Audio Prioritizing Ukraine Over US Border

via NBC
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Ohio state senator and Senate candidate Matt Dolan was criticized by primary opponent Bernie Moreno and Donald Trump Jr. for comments he made supporting continued aid to Ukraine over addressing issues at the US border.

Dolan had said in an interview that US responsibilities to Ukraine should not be interfered with due to dysfunction at the border under Biden.

“We cannot allow the dysfunction of the Biden administration at the border, to interfere with our responsibilities to Ukraine, not only our responsibilities to Ukraine, but our responsibilities to our allies, and to us as American[s] because Putin being in Ukraine is a national security risk,” Dolan said.

He warned that negotiating with Putin or appeasing him could result in Russian boots on the ground in Ukraine.

Dolan also said he did not want US boots on the ground there but that may happen if Putin is appeased.

Dolan added that he “does not want boots on the ground in Ukraine;” but said it could occur if “we appease [Vladimir] Putin.”

“If we appease Putin, which unfortunately there’s some I’m in my party that wants to do. That’s what we’re looking at.”

Moreno said Dolan’s stance amounted to “putting America last.”

“This is the very definition of putting America Last,” Bernie Moreno said.

Trump Jr. accused Dolan of talking tough on immigration but prioritizing Ukraine aid over stopping the border invasion, also claiming Dolan supported amnesty for immigrants.

“Anti-Trump @ElectMattDolan talks tough on immigration in his TV ads, but thinks sending billions to Ukraine is more important than stopping the invasion at our own border. He also supports AMNESTY for illegals – 100% America Last. Ohio – Vote @berniemoreno to put America First!” Donald Trump Jr. wrote.

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