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Google Co-Founder Says They Don’t ‘Fully Understand’ Why Gemini AI Is Woke

via WION
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Google co-founder Sergey Brin acknowledged flaws in the company’s launch of its AI image generation tool Gemini.

In a rare public appearance, Brin said Google “definitely messed up” the rollout and admitted the tool showed a perceived left-wing bias, though that was not the intention.

“We definitely messed up on the image generation,” Brin said. “I think it was mostly due to just not thorough testing. It definitely, for good reasons, upset a lot of people.”

“We haven’t fully understood why it leans left in many cases,” but “that’s not our intention.”

While other AI like ChatGPT have also produced strange left-leaning outputs, Brin remains optimistic about AI’s ability to improve advertising if issues are addressed.

“I personally feel as long as there’s huge value being generated, we’ll figure out the business models,” Brin said.

Google reportedly suffers from a lack of leadership and direction, creating a “culture of fear” where employees are afraid to challenge processes.

The influence of a bloated HR bureaucracy obsessed with left-wing politics has become a frustration, imposing political dogma through language policing and affinity group expectations.

“I think it’s impossible to ship good products at Google,” an unnamed senior engineer said.

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