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Biden Pushes Abortion Agenda at State of the Union

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President Biden and Democrats promoted the expansion of access to abortion during the State of the Union address.

Biden also put the spotlight on guests with difficult pregnancy stories and framed Republicans as extreme for supporting abortion restrictions.

Democrats want to conflate elective abortion with medical treatments such as IVF and emergency care.

“Democratic Whip Katherine Clark (Mass.) [also] invited Amanda Zurawski, who is suing Texas after she said she nearly died when doctors delayed giving her a medically necessary abortion until she went into septic shock,” one report noted.

Pro-life advocates have argued that this spreads misinformation and that no state law bans life-saving treatment.

“The Democrats want to pursue expanded access to abortion, and they’re using those difficult cases as leverage in a political fight to push through new laws that [would] increase the number of abortions that would be available,” Susan B. Anthony Pro-Life America Vice President of State Affairs Stephen Billy said.

They have criticized Democrats for exploiting tragic situations to advance a political agenda of increased abortion.

Republicans are now working to educate medical professionals on care allowed under new laws.

“The president will use tragic situations, heartbreaking situations, purely to advance a political agenda because he is tied to the progressive left-wing of the party, and he is tied to the abortion advocates who won’t support limits at any stage in pregnancy,” Billy added.

Biden will use the event to “advance his disinformation campaign that is driven by the pro-abortion industry and the legacy media, which claims that life-affirming states don’t have exceptions for medical emergencies,” Jamie Dangers, legislative director of SBA Pro-life America said.

“That lie is deceptive and it is so dangerous to women and girls,” Dangers said. “We continue to call on the Biden administration to stop propagating that lie and to stop purposefully conflating serious medical emergency situations in pregnancy with actual elective abortions.”

“Our hearts really go out to Dr. Jill Biden’s guest, at the State of the Union tomorrow, Kate Cox. It is heartbreaking to receive such a difficult pregnancy diagnosis,” Dangers added. “But sadly, what has happened is the president and pro-abortion Democrats are using her story and are using her pain to exploit this tragic situation and spread even more disinformation and fear for political gain.”

“If there is a condition that we know can lead to death, none of the laws require the emergency to be imminent. So as long as it’s something that a doctor could foresee causing a woman to die or lose kidney function or something like that, the doctor is given the opportunity to intervene, to use his reasonable medical judgment,” Vice President and Director of Medical Affairs for Charlotte Lozier Institute, Ingrid Skop, M.D. stated.

“But as we’ve all seen in the media, doctors don’t know this. So, again, pro-abortion medical organizations are not telling them that they can intervene, that they can practice the way they always have, and so there is confusion on the ground,” she said.

“What I’m seeing in Texas — because of the confusion — is that these women aren’t even being admitted to the hospital. They’re being sent home. They’re being told, ‘call your doctor on Monday morning,’ and they’re not given antibiotics. And then in many times, they do have adverse outcomes. That is not what the law is recommending. The law is recommending doctors continue to provide quality care, but because of all of this confusion, doctors don’t understand, and bad things are happening,” she added.

Lawmakers wrote a bill which requires the “creation of an informational video and other materials describing the state’s abortion law and medical care for a pregnant woman experiencing life-threatening or health-threatening medical conditions.”

Democrats are also seizing on an Alabama ruling recognizing frozen embryos as unborn children to link the issue to IVF access.

Pro-life groups argue that both sides should show sympathy for all affected by the complex medical and ethical issues around IVF.

“That is an effort to fight back against the politically motivated confusion that was put in place by the abortion industry,” Billy said of the bill.

“When President Biden responded to the Alabama Supreme Court case, he didn’t show any sympathy for the parents in that case who had their embryos destroyed — because the clinic itself failed to keep them in a secure manner and allowed a stranger to walk in, and open the freezer, and take those embryos out,” Billy said.

“It’s just another example of [Democrats] choosing not to care for women, not to put the support for women first, and to instead put their political agenda first,” he added. “[They stand in] stark contrast to pro-life states across the country who are putting real services in place for moms, for babies, and for families.”

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