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FBI Whistleblower Goes Nuclear After Arrest Of Conservative Reporter

via FOX
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FBI whistleblower Steve Friend strongly condemned the arrest of Blaze News reporter Steve Baker for his January 6 coverage, calling the agents involved “good Germans” just following political orders.

Friend said, “I have an oath to uphold the Constitution.”

“I have a moral objection and want to be considered a conscientious objector,” said Friend.

Baker was arrested and perp walked for misdemeanor charges related to entering the Capitol, despite agreeing to surrender voluntarily.

Friend said the FBI is intent on making the process the punishment rather than following a fair legal process.

Glen Beck asked, “Our own reporter was arrested today. Do you have any thoughts on that?”

Friend said, “I have quite a few. Steve Baker is a friend of mine as well and I’m just completely taken aback by the fact that the FBI and the weaponized government that we’re seeing every day is using all the levers of power to make the process the punishment for someone like Steve Baker, who has had Domocles’ sword hanging over his head for the last three plus years, the FBI now saw fit to use a judicial complaint to bring him into custody, which necessitated his actual arrest.”

“They are doing the bidding of the political left in order to push this narrative that people like Steve who are just obeying the Constitution, doing what a journalist does, and putting them in a cage so that they can make their pension,” he continued.

Friend said, “This is, again, my complaint that I go back to for the last year and a half. It is not the duty of the FBI to be the judge, jury, and the executioner.”

Friend added, “It is their duty to follow the process, a fair process. You gather the facts, you present them, and then that person has their day in court. But what we’re seeing now is the FBI is intent on making the process the punishment and they’re interested in getting the W, whether or not that’s a punishment at court or afterwards with a conviction.”

He and other whistleblowers said FBI arrests and perp walks are unheard of for misdemeanors, suggesting this treatment is unique to January 6 defendants.

Baker’s attorney, William Shipley, echoed this was the first time he’d seen such conduct for misdemeanors in his 21-year career.

Shipley said, “In 21 years I never — not one time — charged a misdemeanor. I had plenty to keep me busy charging felonies.”

The arrest has raised concerns the FBI is politically targeting January 6 defendantss and reporters covering the issue.

Former FBI agent and officer F.X. Regan said, “25 years in the FBI – four field offices and two FBIHQ assignments- I’m not even aware of an FBI investigation that involved a misdemeanor charge/arrest, much less how it was handled. This is 100% DOJ driven.”

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