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David Mamet Says ‘Sound of Freedom’ Producers Asked Him to Write a Hunter Biden Movie

via Club Random Podcast
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Famed writer David Mamet was approached to write a screenplay about Hunter Biden, which he said would be difficult given the risk of it becoming a superficial travelogue rather than a story with coherent themes.

He expressed hesitation over whether Hunter’s life is inherently interesting enough as a subject.

Mamet criticized Hollywood for being “brain-dead” and unwilling to take on political topics that diverge from liberal views.

Mamet said, “These guys who did the Sound of Freedom, they came to me and they said, ‘You want to write a a movie for us?’ I said, ‘Yeah sure, what do you got?’ They said they wanted to do a movie about Hunter Biden.”

“So, I thought about it for a while and I said, ‘Um, okay.’ I said, ‘but here’s what.’ I said, you know, you’re going to pay me a couple of bucks, nothing much, maybe a back end,” he continued.

“But the deal is you give me half of that couple of bucks now, you give me the other half of the couple of bucks when I had the script in, we’re done,” said Mamet.

Mamet added, “I’m not going to call him Hunter Biden and it’s not going to be a travelogue.”

Mamet said, “So, the question is, if it’s not interesting, it doesn’t matter if it’s Hunter Biden. And if it is interesting, it doesn’t matter if it’s Hunter Biden. People don’t care, right?”

An earlier film, My Son Hunter, explored Hunter’s business dealings and scandals based on publicly reported sources like Peter Schweizer’s work.

It depicted Hunter navigating “prostitution, partying, international business dealings, drugs, sex, Chinese spies, a laptop from Hell, Ukrainian oligarchs, more sex, more drugs.”

Hunter continues facing legal issues related to taxes and a gun charge that could overlap with Joe Biden’s 2024 campaign.

Mamet sees potential challenges in crafting an engaging film about Hunter Biden beyond recounting salacious details.

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