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Democrats Accused of Being ‘Hostile to America’

via Rep. Tom Tiffany
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Rep. Tom Tiffany criticized Democrats for failing to address the border crisis, calling them “hostile to America.”

He argued President Biden has the ability to secure the border as Trump did but refuses.

Tiffany said the recently passed HR 2 bill, which he helped write, would statutorily secure the border by limiting immigration parole.

Rep. Tom Tiffany said, “Joe Biden has the ability to be able to secure the border at any time he wants to. We saw it with President Trump four years ago. It can be done. That’s number one.”

“The pressure needs to continue to build on President Biden to do the right thing. I suspect he’s going to throw a couple crumbs to the American people, but he’s not going to secure the border. If he does, it’ll be very temporary,” he continued.

Rep. Tiffany explained, “We passed H.R. 2 and I helped write the immigration parole part of that bill. And H.R. 2 secures the border. And the best part of it is that it puts these requirements like changing immigration parole. It puts it in statute, rather than just using administrative rule or the administrative process. It goes in statute, and then you can’t have these leftist judges, where these cases go before them. They can’t overturn them … because it is in statute.

Tiffany said, “And what it said is that, in this case, the head of the Department of Homeland Security, they can bring people in on a case-by-case basis. So let’s say you have a young child that needs a life-saving medical procedure. Our federal government can bring that child in, get the life-saving procedure and then when they’re better, they can go back home.”

However, Biden has “weaponized” parole to mass release migrants.

He added, “Well, Mayorkas and Biden have weaponized this, and they’ve just been sending people en masse into America and saying, ‘Hey, we just wave the wand. You can all use parole to be able to get in here.’”

Tiffany blamed lax immigration enforcement for deaths in his district from drunk driving accidents and the rising toll of fentanyl poisonings nationwide since Biden took office.

“The other side of the aisle can’t find it within themselves to secure the border because between these examples we’re talking about and also the fentanyl deaths — the fentanyl poisonings — I can’t for the life of me understand why these people that claim to be you know, so giving and caring, they don’t care about the American people when it comes to illegal immigration,” continued the lawmaker.

“At their core, they don’t like America. And that’s why … we just are trying to wake up people to the fact that these people are hostile to America. And at the end of the day, they’re going to vote with their party before they’ll vote with the people of America. What other conclusion can you come to?” he asked.

Rep. Tiffany declared, “The evidence is very clear before us. Fentanyl poisonings are the number one killer of young people in America at this point. And it’s completely evident that it has ramped up exponentially since January 20 of 2021. What other conclusion can you come to?”

While acknowledging Democrats claim to care for people, he asserted they prioritize “transforming” America over citizens’ safety.

Tiffany warned more years of Biden’s policies risk “unfixable” damage and said immigration should be a central issue in the next election.

He said, “It’s just full-on denial. This election should be about illegal immigration.”

Rep. Tiffany concluded, “The damage being done to America may be, I mean, it may be unfixable if we see four more years of Joe Biden.”

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