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‘Sopranos’ Star Reveals She Regrets Voting For Biden: ‘I Always Loved Trump’

via Page Six
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Actress Drea de Matteo, known for her role on The Sopranos, said she regrets voting for Biden in 2020 and will likely back Trump in 2024.

De Matteo said, “I never voted in my life. My daughter at that time I guess was like you know, you’re just gonna have to pick the lesser of two evils, and in my mind, I believed Trump was.”

She had believed Biden could unite the country after 2020’s racial unrest but felt he failed.

She continued, “Under the radar, always loved him. I loved how crass he is. I just didn’t think he had the voice to unify people if the world was really on fire with this whole race issue and everything else that was going on at the time that I didn’t really, I wasn’t paying close enough attention to what was really happening, and it was all super divisive and it was all by design.”

De Matteo praised Trump as a fellow New Yorker she had always “loved” for his crassness.

She hinted support for Trump and said Robert F. Kennedy Jr. would make an ideal running mate as an “old school liberal” who cares about the environment.

The actress explained, “Kennedy I feel like is the voice old school liberals would have appreciated because he cares about the environment, he’ll sue everybody that is being wronged. He’s fair, he’s classy. He doesn’t bad-mouth people. He’s got a lot going for him that Trump does not, but Trump’s got this … I mean, look.”

De Matteo confirmed her character Adriana from The Sopranos would vote for Trump.

“Adriana will vote for Trump!” exclaimed de Matteo.

She joins other Sopranos actor Vincent Curatola, who portrayed mob boss Johnny Sack, as a longtime Trump supporter who criticizes Biden on Twitter.

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