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Nikki Haley calls for RNC vote to bar payment of Trump’s legal fees

via KSL News
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Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley called on the RNC to hold a vote on curbing its ability to fund legal fees, including for Donald Trump.

Haley argued Republicans deserve a vote on a resolution that would prohibit RNC funds from going to legal bills of political candidates.

“All Americans, and Republicans especially, deserve a vote on the record on that resolution,” Haley said. “We deserve to know how the RNC is going to spend their money and if it’s going to go towards legal fees.”

This comes as Trump plans to install loyalists at the RNC following the chair’s resignation.

“Are you going to ask the question about what happens with that resolution that says you can’t spend it on legal fees?” Haley asked reporters.

Haley then questioned if the RNC would shift support from down-ballot Republicans to a “legal slush fund.”

RNC members will meet in March to vote on resolutions addressing legal fee funding and coordinating with presidential candidates.

“We brought forth these two resolutions to make sure there is a serious discussion about protecting the primary process while there are still two candidates competing and preventing the RNC from paying the legal bills of any political candidate unrelated to the election cycle,” Mississippi committee member Henry Barbour said.

“I don’t want to talk about how long y’all think I’m gonna stay in,” Haley told reporters.

“I want the conversation to be, where are we going in the country?” she said.

Haley applauded Mitch McConnell’s resignation announcement, saying it’s time for new generational change in Congress as well as the Republican party.

“I think what’s more important is, we need to understand we don’t just need new generational change in Congress,” she said.

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