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Musk doubles down on why Dems won’t deport criminal migrants

via Fox News
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Elon Musk continues his criticism of the Democrats’ handling of the migrant crisis, accusing them of allowing illegal migrants into the country for future votes.

Musk highlighted cases of illegal immigrants committing crimes without facing deportation and criticized the leniency towards such individuals.

“Dems won’t deport, because every illegal is a highly likely vote at some point,” Musk wrote.

“That simple incentive explains what seems to be insane behavior.”

He expressed concerns about the potential impact on elections and the unfair advantage Democratic states might gain due to illegal immigration.

“It has become so brazen that a gang of illegals can beat up police officers on camera in Times Square, get out of jail for free and *still* not get deported!” he wrote.

“Biden’s strategy is very simple,” Musk wrote.

“1. Get as many illegals in the country as possible. 2. Legalize them to create a permanent majority – a one-party state.”

“That is why they are encouraging so much illegal immigration. Simple, yet effective.”

Musk also rejected President Biden’s calls for a bipartisan Senate deal on border security, advocating for stricter asylum hearing requirements through an executive order.

“No laws need to be passed,” Musk said.

“All that is needed is an executive order to require proof before granting an asylum hearing. That is how it used to be.”

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