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Longtime Sportscaster Goes on Anti-Trump Rant, Calls Followers a ‘Toxic Cult’

via CNN

Bob Costas, a veteran TV personality known for sports commentary, criticized supporters of former President Donald Trump, calling them “toxic” and delusional during an interview on CNN.

Costas expressed strong negative opinions about Trump, labeling him as disgraceful.

He also criticized ordinary Americans who seek change in the country, accusing them of being in a “cult” if they don’t support his views.

“Yes, absolutely,” Costas said when asked if he still disapproved of Trump. “He is by far the most disgraceful figure in modern presidential history. He’s only become more disgraceful since 2016 and since 2020. He has a bubbling cauldron of loathsome traits.”

“You have to be in the throes of some sort of toxic delusion and in a toxic cult to believe that Donald Trump has ever been, in any sense, emotionally, psychologically, intellectually or ethically fit to be president of the United States. But his supporters are locked in on that,” he said.

While offering some criticism of Biden, Costas claimed there is no “cult of Joe Biden” and highlighted various issues with Biden’s presidency.

Costas’ remarks stirred controversy and drew attention to his strong political opinions.

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